Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era: Volunteer Spirit in the City of Springs



Jinan, where springs merge with the urban fabric, flowing seamlessly into the streets, meandering through alleys, and giving rise to vibrant life. In Jinan's old downtown area, there are winding narrow alleys, old houses filled with stories, and most importantly, a group of simple and friendly residents who stand firm here, guarding the memories of the city.


Jinan Collection Center of Cultural Memories, a public welfare volunteer service team, is one of the traditional cultural conservation projects initiated by Jinan Ji’ai Social Service Center. Most volunteers are true-born Jinan natives, with an average age over 60. Even after retirement, they still hold affection for this city. Therefore, they joined the volunteer team named “Jinan Collection Center of Cultural Memories,” donning the blue uniforms, to narrate the past and present of Jinan, the City of Springs, to residents of Jinan and visitors from around the world, dedicated to spreading the deep and distant history and culture of this old city.


Sun Zonglian, the head of Jinan Collection Center of Cultural Memories, mentioned that since most volunteers are Jinan natives, they have a better understanding of Jinan’s dialect, landmarks, and the city’s transformation. When explaining historical and cultural landmarks such as Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural Block, Qushuiting Street, and Daming Lake, the volunteers infuse their local sentiments into the narration, vividly recounting the culture of this old city as if telling stories.IMG_256

Moreover, the service team places great emphasis on targeted communication, adopting different explanatory methods for different audiences. They organize over 500 activities annually, including assisting in the moral education of primary and secondary school students and providing summer services for international students. Zhang Zhiyi, the former head of the service team, serves as the team’s interpreter, often guiding and explaining to foreign visitors during international events. “Whenever we have the chance to meet foreign friends, we introduce them to the customs and culture of Jinan. Without someone to translate for them, they would just skim the surface,” Zhang Zhiyi said.


The Jinan Collection Center of Cultural Memories public welfare volunteer service team delves deep into Jinan’s historical context, from its ancient spring culture to modern urban development, from traditional folk customs to the innovative spirit of the times. With precise and diverse explanations, they provide intimate services to friends from all over, preserving nostalgia for the city’s residents and safeguarding the cultural roots of Jinan, the City of Springs.

(Li Xiaotong; Lou Xinyu; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Gong Lili; Liu Xiaohan; Yang Yang; Chong Yaqi; Yuan Yaning; Xu Jiayi; Liu Lu; Li Jiayin; Han Wenzhi; Wang Xi; Wang Yuquan; Zhou Yiru; Zhang Juanyi;Zhang Kaiyang; Zhou Nan; Zhang Xun; Liu Qianying; Chen Zeyu; Li Ziyue)

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