Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era: Home Away from Home, Jinan’s Open Arms



  Home Away from Home: Jinan’s Open Arms, tells the story of Shunjing Community in Jinan, which is actively working to integrate foreign residents into the community through diverse cultural exchange activities. 

  Located in Daminghu Street of Lixia District, the core area of the old downtown in Jinan, Shunjing Community stands out as the first commercial community in Shandong Province that integrates diversity, intelligence, and internationalization into one cohesive entity. In 2019, it was recognized as Jinan's first international community. Setting itself apart from other residential areas, Shunjing Community is characterized by the "three high" features: high concentration of businesses, merchants, and white-collar workers; high representation of members from new organizations(related to the new economy and society); and a high populationof foreign residents.


  In 2018, an employee from Russia within the community inquired whether it would be possible for the over one hundred Russians living in Jinan to organize some activities in Shunjing Community. The community responded positively and provided a venue for them to establish a Russian public benefit class. In these classes, Russian residents teach their children in their native language and share their cultural heritage, building a cultural bridge for the children. Today, the Russian public benefit class in Shunjing Community has been running for 5 years, and the teachers have become volunteers for the entire community. This initiative has fostered a genuine "two-way interaction" between the community and its foreign residents.


  LazurinaOlga, a music teacher in the Russian public benefit class, has been living in Jinan for 12 years. She loves Jinan, appreciates its tall buildings, and enjoys the scenic beauty of lakes and mountains. She expresses that the warmth and friendliness of the people here make it feel like home.

  Apart from the Russian public benefit class, Shunjing Community has also organized over ten cultural exchange projects, such as the "Belt and Road Bilingual Tour Guides" and the "International Food Festival." These initiatives not only allow foreign residents to immerse themselves in and understand Chinese culture but also provide them with a platform to showcase their own cultural heritage.

  Through these cultural exchange initiatives, Shunjing Community creates numerous opportunities for foreign residents to integrate into the community while offering diverse cultural experiences for Jinan's local residents. This internationally-oriented community, driven by commerce and bonded by culture, is becoming a shining symbol of Jinan's openness to the world, injecting new vitality into the city's internationalization process.


  As Jinan further opens up to the outside world, a considerable number of expatriates are coming to settle and work in Jinan. Various departments in Jinan are engaging in collaborative initiatives to establish international service facilities including four international talent clubs, two international communities, two standardized international medical service units and five international educational institutions. The overarching goal of these endeavours is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment, allowing more expats to experience the hospitality and warmth of Jinan.

(Lou Xinyu; Hua Shan; Li Xiaotong; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liu Xiaohan; Zhou Nan; Chong Yaqi; Wang Jianle; Chen Shuning; Yang Yang; Wang Jiangshan; Wang Lijun;Li Ziyue; Chen Zeyu)

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